Editorial principles

The copy of A Hymn to the Pillory provided is based faithfully on the Second edition corrected, with additions. This edition was chosen for the copy text as the earliest example of the text to include additional material added by Defoe. For a rationale of this decision please see the reflective essay.

I have chosen not to standardise the spelling or use of possessive apostrophes in the text so that it is presented here as it would have been for a contemporary at the time of publication. 

The xml version of the text has been encoded with basic information about its form and structure. I have included meta data that relates to the people mentioned and the textual witnesses used to encode variants. It should be noted that I could not resolve how to include variations where lines were omitted in an earlier edition and also where stanza breaks vary between editions. These variants are recorded in the textual notes of this edition if you should need to refer to them for any further encoding you may wish to do. 

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