Textual notes

The copy text is from The Second Edition Corrected, with Additions. The document that this text is based on can be found in the British Library, shelf number 1609/5380 or in facsimile on ECCO, Gale Document Number: CW115164330, ESTC: number T70830. 

I have provided a list of variants between the copy text and an example of the first edition, which I will refer to here as Q1. This copy can also be found on ECCO Gale Document Number: CB130875094, ESTC number: T70831 or at the British Library, shelf mark 164.m.31.

Where words have been changed from single to plural in the second edition, I have treated these changes as accidental variants. 

Substantive variants:

16    ,the] and  Q1
20    with] which  Q1
35    opening Vacancys] opening Vacancys  Q1
60    he] they  Q1
61    him] 'em  Q1
91    stanza break] om.  Q1
99    their] your  Q1
99    their] your  Q1
111  great Counterscarp] great Counterscarp  Q1
112  spreading stage] swelling stage  Q1
127  set] see  Q1
135  thy Theatre] thy Theatre Q1
141  at Pampalone] a Pampalone  Q1
146  thy Scaffold] thy Scaffold  Q1
149  Lord Mayor Show] Lord Mayors Show  Q1
150  Penitential stools] Penitential stools  Q1
157  , in Justice,] in justice  Q1
160  thy Wooden Wings] thy Wooden Wings  Q1
169  their] our  Q1
179  Monster of the Law] Monster of the Law  Q1
183  Paper went] Papers were  Q1
194  Set] Let  Q1
198  none] no  Q1
203  Either] Each  Q1
203  stanza break] om.  Q1
204  set] see  Q1
205  baudy] daily  Q1
232  thy Lists] thy List Q1
233  stanza break] om.  Q1
234  thy Wood] thy Wood  Q1
238  false] 'gainst  Q1
248  there] there  Q1
249  which they hate] which they hate  Q1
250  Some Church-men ... to Teach] om.  Q1
265  The Engines...for Honesty] om.  Q1
272  stanza break] om.  Q1
282  What] That  Q1
282  J--e] Judge  Q1
283  Set] Let  Q1
287  o'er] once  Q1
310  unusual Honesty] unusual Honesty  Q1
325  Let] See  Q1
328  God knows how] God knows how  Q1
338  stanza break] om.  Q1
339  thy double Front] thy double Front  Q1
341  thy Throne] thy Throne  Q1
369  Let Flettumacy... us all.] om.  Q1
374  stanza break] om.  Q1
396  Not] Nor  Q1
396  won't] wou'd   Q1
396  stanza break] omQ1
400  om.] stanza break  Q1
409  Grisly Face] Grisly Face  Q1
420  Heart] Heart  Q1
420  Face] Face  Q1
427  Bug-bear] Bug-bear  Q1
429  thy Ridge] thy Ridge  Q1
449  M--] Men  Q1
450  Sc--ls to] Friends unto  Q1
451  Are] But Q1
451  Guilt] Guile  Q1
452  And] They  Q1

Accidental variants:

9      Virtue] Vertue  Q1
13    the] th'  Q1
88    meant] ment  Q1
94    Fleets] Fleet  Q1
109  Honours] Honour  Q1
114  too] to  Q1
166  Companies] Companyes  Q1
174  Capitals] Capital  Q1
177  Stocks] stocks  Q1
217  Clefts] Cleft  Q1
242  Authors] Author  Q1
256  BarBarr  Q1
261  Tongue] Tongues  Q1
297  Martyrs] Martyr  Q1
329  Summs] Sums  Q1
394  Knights] Knight  Q1
395  Author'll] Author'l  Q1
404  Ones] ones  Q1
435  Extol] Extoll  Q1
452  Commit] commit  Q1

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